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[SSGM Plugin] EvacPlugin [message #492576] Tue, 10 October 2017 16:11
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This plugin is used to evacuate n amount of soldiers (they will be destroyed once they are evacuated)

It contains the following scripts:
- GK_Evac_Monitor
Script parameters:
- NotifyObjId: The ID of an object which receives some customs to react upon what is happening with the evac
GK_CUSTOM_EVENT_EVAC_FAILED: when the evac failed. The param specifies the reason Param:
GK_EVAC_FAILED_REASON_CANCELED: when the evac is canceled via custom
GK_EVAC_FAILED_REASON_PERSON_FAILED_TO_MOVE_TO_EVAC_LOCATION: when an evac person failed to move to the evac location
GK_EVAC_FAILED_REASON_CHOPPER_KILLED: when the evac chopper is killed
GK_EVAC_FAILED_REASON_TOO_MANY_EVAC_PERSON_DEATHS: when too many evac persons died
GK_CUSTOM_EVENT_EVAC_PERSON_KILLED: when an evac person is killed. The param is the person's id.
GK_CUSTOM_EVENT_EVAC_PERSON_FAILED_TO_MOVE_TO_EVAC_LOCATION: when an evac person failed to move to the evac location. The param is the person's id.
GK_CUSTOM_EVENT_EVAC_PERSON_EVACUATED: when an evac person is evacuated. The param is the person's id.
- MaxEvacPersonDeaths: the maximum of evac persons that can die before it is considered failed
- TransportPreset: the preset name for the evac chopper
- CanChopperBeSeen: If objects with Enable_Enemy_Seen can see the chopper
- CanChopperBeDamaged: Can the chopper be damaged at all
- GK_Evac_Person
Script parameters:
- MonitorObjId: The id of the monitor object (GK_Evac_Monitor)

Below scripts are also included, but they are used internally and don't need to be manually attached. I will not explain their script parameters.


GameObject *evacMonitor = Commands->Create_Object("Invisible_Object", Vector3()); 
int evacMonitorId = Commands->Get_ID(evacMonitor); 
Commands->Attach_Script(evacMonitor, "GK_Evac_Monitor", "0, 1, GDI_Transport_Helicopter_Flyover, 1, 0");

GameObject *evacPerson1 = Commands->Create_Object("GDI_MiniGunner_0", Vector3()) 
Commands->Attach_Script(evacPerson1, "GK_Evac_Person", StringClass::getFormattedString("%d", evacMonitorId));

GameObject *evacPerson2 = Commands->Create_Object("GDI_MiniGunner_0", Vector3()) 
Commands->Attach_Script(evacPerson2, "GK_Evac_Person", StringClass::getFormattedString("%d", evacMonitorId));

Then all you need to do is send a custom to the evac monitor GK_CUSTOM_EVENT_EVAC_INITIATE_EVAC

I based this on the logic of the evacuations in M01 and I improved it. The scripts should be singleplayer compatible. (Save/Loading working). You also have the ability to cancel an ongoing evacuation with the custom GK_CUSTOM_EVENT_EVAC_CANCEL_EVAC.


EDIT: Oh the evac will take place at the location of the monitor.

Fixed issue where an evac person could be killed/destroyed during evac and then the evac would not continue
Fixed an issue where the troop bone and evac person could get out of sync and the troop bone would finish before the evac person. This would cause a freeze in the evac sequence.

Also a nice video:

Ignore the soldiers sometimes doing weird animations when being evaced, that's just the Renegade engine. I first evacuate alot of people and the second time I'm canceling the evacuation

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