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Odd GSA queries from Sla Co-Op [message #492199] Sat, 15 April 2017 15:02 Go to next message
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Heya, I've been messing around with GSA again to familiarize myself with a different programming language and I noticed some odd GSA queries from the Sla Mutant Co-Op server. Does anybody know what they are using for making GSA queries? I want to know if I should just special case it, or actually write more robust parsing logic.

Here is the query:
\gamename\ccrenegade\gamever\838\hostname\!~Sla Mutant Co-Op~!\hostport\8888\mapname\RF_Factory.mix\gametype\co-op\numplayers\1\maxplayers\24\BW\5500000\CSVR\1\DED\1\DG\1\
password\0\TC\0\FF\0\SC\0\.Website\\.E-mail\\.FDS\SSGM v4.2\.OTH\Mutant Co-Op\.IRC\ #sla-server\.TS3\\
.Owner\\.Bot\Sla Lua IRC Bot 4.7\player_0\Quester\ping_0\46\score_0\94563.671875\team_0\GDI\kills_0\831\deaths_0\1\final\gamespy.queryID\4471

In specific, the odd part is

in which "final" is not a key/value pair as per the GSA protocol specification. Also, they use "gamespy.queryID" instead of "queryid", which is fine, but its another special case I have to add to keep the query ID's out of my GUI.
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hifi from noticed the same thing today when i was talking to him.

it needs to be \final\4471 i think

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Re: Odd GSA queries from Sla Co-Op [message #492204 is a reply to message #492199] Sat, 15 April 2017 22:00 Go to previous messageGo to next message
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I dont know about the gamespy.queryID thing but there is code in Renegade (function named send_final) that will do the following:
1.optionally send \validate\blah (depending on whether the function is passed a certain value and where blah is some encrypted/encoded string)
2.send \final\ with no value after it
and 3.send \queryid\x.y (where x is some sort of query ID and y is some sort of packet number)

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Probably a typo on that gamespy.queryid, but isn't really important at all, after final you should ignore anything else sent from my server.

PS: It's my own GSA code.

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