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Scripts 4.3 RC3 is now available [message #491929] Sun, 22 January 2017 20:57 Go to next message
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General (3 Stars)

I would like to thank Jerad2142, Daniel Blaney and WhiteDragon for their contributions to 4.3 (If I missed anyone else who contributed to 4.3, sorry)

Please be aware that this hasn't undergone widespread testing yet and may contain bugs (that's why its posted here). Please do report any bugs you may find so they can be fixed before we launch this to all scripts 4.x players.

The plan is to fix any critical bugs that remain and then release 4.3 final in a few weeks (no fixed date has been set yet) so please give this lots of testing.

A new version of Dragonade that works with 4.3 RC3 is being worked on by WhiteDragon (or at least he said he was working on it)

The changes made in 4.3 RC2 can be seen here:

The changes made in 4.3 RC1 can be seen here:

Changes made since 4.3 RC2:
A bunch of changes to various scripts Jerad Grey wrote (including new scripts)
Fix an issue with sound culling causing sounds to play at the wrong volume in some cases
Small improvement to the netcode that reduces the size of weapon related packets in some cases.
A bunch of changes to various scripts dblaney1 wrote (including new scripts)
Fix a netcode issue with weapons not getting their ammo properly set in some cases
Fix to make sure the HUD weapon chart properly resets when a weapon is removed (sometimes it did not)
Hide muzzle flashes on the back weapon model.
Improvements to soldier netcode to reduce latency issues.
Fix a netcode issue that caused soldiers to aim at the ground in some cases.
Add new engine call Set_Net_Update_Rate_Player to let servers set the net update rate for clients.
Add a fix to an issue with zoom if you are scoped at the end of the map.
Fix scope staying visible when switching weapons.
Improvements to font code for high-DPI displays.
Fixes to prevent various pieces of the HUD from being cut off or drawing incorrectly in certain cases.
Fix some compiler options for a bunch of scripts projects so they are consistent (and so that optimizations that should have been turned on get turned on)
New engine calls Send_Player_Kill_Message and Send_Purchase_Response that are needed for Dragonade (lets Dragonade get rid of some hacks in the code they were using to send these particular netcode objects)
Fix TextFileClass::Read_Line to work identically to stock renegade
Fixes so soldiers no longer shake when standing in or on objects.

Make sure if you update your server you have the new always3.dat and anticheat.ini (they are new in RC2 so if you installed RC2 nothing has changed since then)

Anyone wanting to test the client build can download and run that launcher to get the update
Anyone wanting to test the server bits can download
Anyone wanting to test the tools can download
Anyone wanting the source code can download
The source changes since 4.3 RC1 are in

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
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Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
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Re: Scripts 4.3 RC3 is now available [message #491957 is a reply to message #491929] Fri, 27 January 2017 03:31 Go to previous message
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Few questions:

Does this fix an issue where your current remaining magazine size gets changed if you pick up an ammo restoration powerup (example: gun still has 80 rounds in his clip, after powerup the clip goes down to let's say 76). Do you know if this is server related or script related?

I'm not sure on how to recreate this issue. But on's coop server (where most weapons are set to infite clip size), the railgun and PIC's ammo in the current clip size sometimes desyncs with the server (i think), an effect from this is that after firing, the game delays the ammo from draining. This desyncs the reload animation from the actual ammo count, sometimes this give you your ammo back too quickly, sometimes too late, and your weapon reloads again.
Is this what got fixed? Just wondering.

Is it possible to set the Net Update Rate to higher than 30?

Professional moron. Nice to meet ya.
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