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Scripts.dll progress update [message #491129] Thu, 17 September 2015 16:12
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Here is a list of relavent changes (i.e. things that Renegade players will actually care about) that will be in "scripts 4.2 update 1":
Add a fix so that the UseExtraPTPages, CostMultiplier and BuildTimeDelay settings in the per-map tt.ini files will be correctly set if you load a map with a per-map tt.ini file that has one of these keywords then load a map that doesn't have a per-map tt.ini file.
Add a fix so that the damage meshes (i.e. smoke/fire/etc on vehicles) get updated properly when certain repair scripts are used to repair the vehicle
Add support for a per-map keys.cfg file named keys_map.cfg. The contents of this file should be the same as keys.cfg. When the map starts, any key entries in this file not already present in the master keys.cfg file are added to the master keys.cfg file. Also a message box is displayed to let people know that "hey, new keys have been added, go to the 'extended options' screen and see if you need to change the physical key assigned to the new logical keys so they dont conflict with your existing setting". Thanks to Jerad Grey for writing this code.
Fix an issue where if you have a weapon definition with a ClipSize and MaxInventoryRounds both > 0 and you grant that weapon (via a powerup, via a soldier/vehicle, whatever) with a rounds value of -1 (to make it have infinite ammo) the client wasn't being sent the correct ammo values in certain cases (meaning that the client and server get out of sync in terms of the amount of ammo that the weapon has)
Further improvements to Jerads various weapon reload syncing changes (means less instances where client and server disagree on exactly how many bullets a given weapon actually has due to reloads getting out of sync)
Fix various crash bugs
Fixed vehicles being delivered invisible when the Airstrip is killed
Fixed harvesters not having any AI if the vehicle factory is killed when they're being produced
New collision group types (WhiteDragon/Jerad can explain what these are and why they have been added)
Bump the cap for the static and dynamic LOD levels

The rest of the changes are mostly new scripts or changes to existing scripts.

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