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New scripts 4.2 test build is now available [message #490724] Tue, 12 May 2015 04:52 Go to next message
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I have just uploaded a new scripts 4.2 test build for people to test.
Anyone wanting to test the client build can download
Anyone wanting to test the server bits can download
Anyone wanting to test the tools can download
Anyone wanting the source code can download
The source differences between this build and the last one are here

People who already have the previous 4.2 test release can just
let the launcher update.

Please do report any bugs you may find so they can be fixed before we launch this to all scripts 4.x players. We dont know when the final 4.2 build will be released, it depends on how many bugs are found that need to be fixed.

Details of the changes in previous test builds are in these threads:

Changes since the last posted 4.2 test build:
Fix a crash caused when a refinery building controller class is deleted but the harvester still exists (this only happens on map shutdown/game exit, not when the refinery building itself is destroyed)
Fix some issues related to "reloading tilt" (Jerad made the changes so he will know more about exactly what the fixes do)
Fix a bug where the EntryHelpMessage message for vehicles was displayed for all players instead of just the player it was supposed to be played for.
Add a fix to vehicles so that vehicles set up with projectile physics (used for certain special things in Tiberian Sun Reborn) will correctly stop moving when they are thrown to the ground
Small tweak to nickname auto-completion in the chat box
Fix an issue with the per-map loadscreen code not correctly returning to the default loadscreen if the map after the one with the per-map loadscreen has no per-map loadscreen.
Make the UseExtraPTPages tt.ini setting usable in the per-map tt.ini files.
Add a new engine call Get_Damage_Is_Explosion that will return true if the damage is comming from an explosion, false otherwise.
Fix a crash in the Update_Network_Object_Player engine call.
Fix a crash connected to the Set_HUD_Help_Text_Player_Text engine call
Improvements to dp88_AR_IFV
Less crashing in certain dp88 scripts if PT definitions for particular categories don't exist
Documentation updates to dp88_AI_Turret
New script dp88_CreateAttachedObject
New script JFW_Vehicle_Crate
Fixes to JFW_Medic_Beacon
Fixes to JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_Person_In_Vechicle, JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_People_In_Vechicle and JFW_Per_Preset_Visible_Multiple_People_In_Vehicle so that the visible person objects will be properly made invisible if the vehicle is stealthed.
Improvements to Jerads scripts
Fix to Reborn_IsMech so that when certain units are being delivered, the legs dont animate
Remove some old scripts of Saberhawk's
New script SH_ResetDoorKeysOnCreated which will let you clear out the door keys held by a soldier when they re-spawn and issue them with specific keys.

Jonathan Wilson aka Jonwil
Creator and Lead Coder of the Custom scripts.dll
Renegade Engine Guru
Creator and Lead Coder of TT.DLL
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Re: New scripts 4.2 test build is now available [message #490731 is a reply to message #490724] Fri, 15 May 2015 05:41 Go to previous message
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As for the reloading tilt:
*Client side, the player weapon (in 3rd person) now finishes the downward tilt before the reload time completes.
*Server side the reload tilt doesn't happen at all (as you should never be firing when your gun is tilted).

This will help eliminate players shooting the ground if they were holding the fire button on reloading complete.

This may also have the unintended advantage of more shots being visible client side as fewer will hit the ground on other players screen's due to the net lag making them still be reloading when they shoot.

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