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[Map] C&C_00Temple.mix [message #487162] Fri, 11 April 2014 17:01 Go to next message
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Yo. Unit here.

Been working on this for about a month, 5 weeks. Renegade is slowly perishing, but i could care less, i did this for fun and nothing more.

I dont have any pics because i made a video instead and my image host was being a wanker so...

Anyway heres a video.

the Map started out just with the interior of the temple, which I was making just for kicks since I was bored and couldnt be bothered to play any of the games I had.

I then figured "hey this might be a good renegade map" though to get it accepted at Jelly it couldnt be infantry only, So i adlibbed all the outside of the temple too and added bases.

Since C&C_Platforms.mix was apparently a massive fail in terms of anyone liking it. I figured id try something more generic and close to most shooter fans hearts.

The Golden Gun - I.
In the middle of the temple sits the golden gun protected by a trap, in order to get the gun a player must be killed as a sacrifice, before that player dies they must accomplish a small and easy but vital task. once complete the case to the protection over the golden gun will be lifted, enabling one other player to get it if they are quick enough. If you enable your music in the settings of the game you will here a theme when this occurs, if music is disabled the gun case will just silently open

The Golden Gun - II
The Golden gun is simply an automatic pistol with a golden skin, it has 1 bullet in the chamber like the 1 shot ramjet and must reload after each round fired. the round travels 80 meters (20% less than all other guns, but will instantly kill any stock/unmodified character it hits, doing 1.75 ramjet bullets worth of damage (350)

Defences - I
Each turret/Guard Tower has a specific name and the team will be alerted when each specific one is under attack so defence can be more coordinated. check the names of the turrets and your compass directions to find each quickly.

Defences - II
the Laser fences at the hand and weapons factory are to prevent vehicles attacking these two buildings from the vehicle cave, since aiming down to such a degree is difficult in vehicles i believe this will make the game more fair, if it is deemed these are not necessary I may potentially remove them.

Death Music
When using a specific scripts.dll file (one zunnie game me) You will hear the death theme from James bond multiplayer when you die as a GDI unit, and the Perfect Dark death music when you die as a Nod unit. Those without the script will hear nothing as normal.

Server play
While I have rigourously tested this map in 1-2 and 3 player games, it has not been loaded with more than that, so I dont know how it will play out, you will have to find out for yourselves Smile

Known bugs
There is a minor bug at the right side of the weapons factory which I cant fix, so it will have to stay, it causes minor aiming glitches.

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Very cool man can't wait to put that into our rotation at MPF!
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it helps if you have screenshots

essentially, this map has the potential to be wonderful
it is in some ways like Walls, with a large structure between the two bases that both teams need to travel around

there's a catch, though: that structure is the temple from Goldeneye and Perfect Dark, built from the ground up by Unit

infantry can travel through the temple, but vehicles must go around
the right side is like a Field meets Walls terrain, with little hills and dunes in a desert setting

the left side resembles the harv tunnel under Canyon, except that it travels to both bases

the map presents multiple routes of entry, and everything a solid Renegade map needs - i liked it immensely the times i tested it out

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The beginning threw me off because I thought it was Walls lol, then he went into the field and I'm like oh shit cool.

It looks nice from what the video showned.

Platforms to me, failed because of the massive vis glitches. I personally liked it.

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Needs more trees.

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