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Tommorrow: MPF_Sand [message #486194] Sun, 16 February 2014 18:41
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General Map Information
The original map C&C_Sand this is based on was created by Westwood Studios and released by aircraftkillEr a dozen years ago and overhauled by the MPF Developers to include Tiberian Technologies special features making it the first map utilizing these functions in Renegade.

Mutant Laboratory
There is a initially Neutral Mutant Laboratory on this map in the center. This building can be captured by repairing it after which your team receives three extra Mutant purchase options: The Mutant Acolyte, The Mutant Initiate and The Mutant Templar.
They have modified laser weapons that fire green lasers doing good damage to enemy units and buildings.
Note that the Mutant Templar is kind of slow but it cannot be crushed by enemy vehicles.
Notice that you can continue to purchase the Mutant characters even when the Barracks or Hand of Nod are destroyed.

Secret Shrine and Advanced Communications Center
This map sports a Secret Shrine for Nod and an Advanced Communications Center for GDI.
These buildings provide your team with the Superweapon abilities. Without it you cannot buy Nukes on Nod or Ions on GDI.
When the building is destroyed you can no longer purchase beacons, place them, and existing planted beacons will be disarmed.
Inside the building you find the Beacon Purchase terminal where you can get beacons for $1000.

Helicopter Pads
The Helicopter Pads on this map are 4.1 updated and work with the sidebar functionality. When a helicopter is purchased they will fly in on the map and land at a position highlighted by arrows.
Take note that anything at the location of purchase will be destroyed or killed when the helicopter is delivered.
The helicopters have limited ammo and must be refilled on the Helicopter Pad.
The Chinooks and Orca's/Apache's have also undergone some armor changes: They are more resistant to ramjet fire than usual, however, they are more vulnerable to other weapons now.

Sniper Units
Apart from being able to buy multiple skins for the sniper units they are also nerfed a bit where the Snipers have only 3 shots per clip and Ramjets only 2 shots per clip.
This in an attempt to make it a less sniperfest map and not render the choppers completely useless.

Alternative Characters
There are a dozen alternative characters available on this map for purchase such as Hotwires, Deadeyes, Gunners and many more.

Weapons Spawn and Crate Spawn
There is one Weapon Spawn on this map in the tunnels.
There is one crate in the center in front of the Mutant Laboratory.

Superweapon Placements
You are unable to plant beacons on top of the Secret Shrine, Advanced Communications Center and the Mutant Laboratory due to the absense of ramps.

Screenshots below:

The Sidebar in use with Mauler's custom HD Icons:

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