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Tiberian Technologies releases TT scripts 4.0 RC1 [message #476324] Sun, 21 October 2012 11:57
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Today the moment is there. A final release of the Tiberian Technologies patch is in sight! After hours and hours of adding new features, fixing old bugs and hunting down new bugs, we believe that the final version is almost done. However, before we can release a final version, we are releasing release candidate 1.

In this version various improvements have been made both from beta 5 and since we started the private testing of RC1 about 8 weeks ago. We believe that the current version fixes a lot of bugs when compared to stock Renegade, but even since Beta 5 we have fixed and improved a lot of things. Most notable are the changes to the anti-cheat system and the amount of bugfixes in this release. Additionally some issues regarding EA's Ultimate Collection have been fixed.

We have been working on this for quite a while and we're really excited about coming this far. Yes, it has taken us quite some time since the first announcements, but look at the progress made since then. Look at the small amount of people that have dedicated so much of their spare time to improve your game and your gameplay experience!

Even though we have tried to eradicate all bugs from the game, we cannot guarantee it is perfect just yet. Therefore, we need your input if you discover bugs. If you happen to crash, please upload a crashdump. If you happen to spot something weird ingame, use the ingame bug report feature with screenshot capabilities, or post a detailed description of your problem here on renforums! Without your continuous support and feedback, we would not have been able to improve Renegade and the patch as much as we have done.

The RC1 client installer, server files, modding tools, and source code are now available from the Tiberian Technologies downloads page. If you already have a previous version of TT installed, then you can use the auto-update feature. The update should be ready shortly.

Release notes for TT package repository maintainers
Please run "packageeditor export" on your repository to regenerate the .tpi files. This is absolutely necessary for your repository to work with RC1 clients, since the .tpi format has changed. The .tpi files for RC1 and pre-RC1 clients can coexist (and need to coexist to support both client versions). The changes were made to allow for multiple packages with the same name but different contents to be handled correctly. Note that the syntax of some of the other packageeditor commands has also changed.

Release notes for bot authors
The "version" command output has changed. It now includes the revision number. Your may have to update your regular expressions and may want to provide commands to log or display the revision number.

Console commands can now be passed directly though the gamelog TCP connection rather than via renrem. You can use it instead of renrem although renrem still works too.

List of changes since beta 5

  • Improvements to anti-cheat.
  • New script Xpert_Teleport_Zone_Random.
  • Fix various glitches/typos with the SSGM log output.
  • Fix BIATCH log output.
  • If a non-stealth character is in a stealth vehicle and radar mode is 2, the character will now be hidden from the radar for the enemy.
  • Netcode changes to allow for different revisions of TT to be compatible. RC1 and future servers now accept clients using beta 5 or later.
  • Make sure radar markers are cleared between levels. Avoids dummy blue stars appearing on the radar.
  • Remove bandwidth throttling from client, because it was most likely causing more harm than it solved. SBBO now defaults to 2 Mbit regardless of settings; can be overridden temporarily using the sbbo command.
  • Better error reporting if the level files cant be properly read (i.e. cant load .ldd or .lsd file).
  • Improvements to crashdumps so that information such as map name is always included in the dumps.
  • Fix issues when a gameover is done while the client is loading the map.
  • Improvements to the map downloader so it can handle multiple packages with the same name and different contents.
  • Fix crash when the resource manager downloaded an invalid file.
  • Destroying a building invalidates meshes belonging to that building only (and not the whole level). Should deliver a slight performance boost.
  • Make ddbedit output the ID of presets in a dump along with the names.
  • Fix a couple of SSGM log strings.
  • Remove some code that was causing issues with the target box of weapons with really short ranges appearing when it should not be.
  • Changes to fix a audio related memory leaks and possible crashes.
  • New "LoadWaitTimeout" setting in server.ini, which controls the minimum time clients get to load before the game starts. Set to 0 to disable. Disabled by default.
  • Fix for SSGM to ensure vehicles remain bound when changing characters.
  • Fix a crash that could occur if more than 255 unique players join during the course of a match (in marathon games).
  • Disable code on the FDS that handles weapon continuous effects and firing effects (these dont need to run on the FDS as they are purely visual/sound and have no impact on the game otherwise, also we have been seeing some strange FDS crashes in this code, hopefully disabling it makes those go away).
  • Disable particle emitters, ring/sphere primitives and sound render objects on the FDS (none of these need to run on the FDS and not running them will give a small speedup).
  • Fix a crash involving particle emitters that use line groups (this crash happens anytime a particle emitter with line group settings is rendered).
  • Fix console command parsing in SSGM 4.0 (i.e. where you send console commands to the logging port and the FDS runs them).
  • Fix the LE "export lighting" feature that creates .wlt files based on all the lights in the current level.
  • Fix soldier facing when using ladders in multiplayer.
  • Add the string "Prelit=true" (without the quotes) to the "user defined properties" of a mesh and it will cause that mesh to not have user lighting (i.e. vertex solve) applied to it.
  • Add tool to let you create proper .wlt files so you can set up different lights for normal and dead/low power (details follow later).
  • New tool to let you make use of the "alternate materials" logic and have different materials for normal and dead/low power states of buildings.
  • Add API calls for accessing waypoints.
  • Fix for spectate plugin so it wont crash on players that are not active.
  • Fix so that bump-mapped meshes wont screw up when vertex solve is applied to them.
  • Fix vertex solve for meshes that have no vertex colors and an opacity of less than 1.
  • Fix crash when joining during intermission.
  • Fixes to make the Ultimate Collection edition of Renegade work properly.
  • Fix for beacons doing no damage when placed on some parts of the airstrip. (Beacons placed next to the airstrip can still do too little damage, but this was left unfixed to avoid changing the gameplay.)
  • Fix random vehicle crate player teleport location.
  • Fix compatability issue with Steam.
  • Fix compatability issue with NVIDIA Optimus.
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