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Please feel free to add your own personal favourites.

On Womens rights
"So women have the right to choose who lives and who dies? What fucking sense does that make? Once that sperm hits that egg it is no longer a womans body. she is just a hotel for 9 months. "

On Science and Religion
"Science really hasn't proved anything. That is why they all have "theory" in front of everything"
"Fact- Jesus, Mohamed and Moses all existed."

On democracy
"America was the first democracy"
"Except when we made our democracy Greece was not as widely known about.
I knew about Greece. But that Greece doesn't exist anymore."
"Greece kept no records at all. So it was hard for us to figure that out. Sure they studied Greece and knew about it but we really didn't know about democracy and things like that."

On Foreigners
"And I have hated France ever since they left NATO. Everyone has."
"And France is not part of NATO. They withdrew and are gone from it. And they were bastards for doing it."
(Bearing in mind that France never left NATO, but did withdraw from NATO military command in 1966, and Noddy was born in/around 1987)
"no one really likes Saudia Arabia"

On Comedy
"Im pretty sure Monty python was from Canada. Or born in Canada."

On the Military
"The SAS are British."

On History
"Liberals hate history because it proves them wrong all the time."

On the US
"When have US officials been wrong?"
"Because any person that has logic would know that the United States is the reason the world is in such good condition."
"The world would suck without America. that is a fact."
"The American life style is 100x better than any lifestyle any where else."
"In America we have the right to be wasteful."

On Iraq
"The US never gave WMD to either sides. We only gave Iraq biological strands to make vaccines. And we gave them enough money to keep those programs up."
"Im sorry but the entire world thought they were there. Besides no one can prove they aren't there."
"Well if we didn't care about the UN it would be legal anyways. so either way it is legal."
"Militarily it is going great. As was Vietnam."

On the Media
"And FOX news is in no way Radical. They lean right. But otherwise they are pretty objective"
"Stop watching the news, they lie."
"No he hasn't. Because reading books means absolutely shit. Only facts matter and so far he has presented no facts."

On Social Politics
"But Welfare should be stopped. It promotes laziness. I know families who live on welfare."
"Majority rules. Except when it involves rights of minorities."

On Other's Opinions
"you better be sarcastic. Because if you aren't you could do this world a favor and putting a bullet into your head."
"Prejudice on your view of Americans. Its ibvious you don't know any nor have you been to America"

On Himself
"Everything I have posted is fact."
"I am never wrong, but I'm not perfect."
"Ignorance is awesome, isn't it?"

On Health
"Sunburn is not dangerous unless you are albino."

On me
"People like you are the reason World War 2 started. "

On Zgeek
"It is mind boggling how you people manage to breath."
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General (2 Stars)

I have never met this individual, but he sounds like an awesome person. Rocked Over

-TLS-DJ-EYE-K wrote on Mon, 18 March 2013 07:29

Instead of showing us that u aren't more inteligent than a Toast, maybe you should start becomming good in renegade Thumbs Up

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