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[CODE] Automatically loaded hash map of weapons and their powerups [message #472004] Fri, 20 July 2012 01:43
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This code gets run on startup, goes through all powerup definitions and loads a hash map with key = weapon preset, value = powerup preset. It's simple to modify it so the key and value are switched.

Make sure you call the code after the objects preset file has been loaded so in the level load hook or somewhere later, else it can't and won't load shit.
HashTemplateClass<StringClass, StringClass> PowerupTable; // Key is weapon name, value is powerup

 void Load_Powerup_Table()
	for (PowerUpGameObjDef *Def = (PowerUpGameObjDef*)DefinitionMgrClass::Get_First(PowerupDefID);Def;Def = (PowerUpGameObjDef*)DefinitionMgrClass::Get_Next(Def,PowerupDefID)) 
		if (Def->GrantWeapon)
			WeaponDefinitionClass* WeaponDef = (WeaponDefinitionClass*)DefinitionMgrClass::Find_Definition(Def->GrantWeaponID, false);
				if (WeaponDef)
//					Console_Output("%s = %s\n", WeaponDef->Get_Name(), Def->Get_Name()); // DEBUG CRAP
					PowerupTable.Insert(WeaponDef->Get_Name(), Def->Get_Name());

bool FirstLoad = true;

void RestoreWeaponsCharacterOnJoin::OnLoadLevel()
	if (FirstLoad == true)
		FirstLoad = false;


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