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[Map] C&C_IslandsStorm_Unl [message #493548] Sat, 22 June 2024 14:05 Go to next message
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A new stormy nighttime variant of Islands with some map changes and a .mix stand-alone variant of my Unleashed Preset.

The Map
Here's a list of changes made from default Islands.

  • The weather is the most obvious change. It's a stormy dark nighttime, with a very heavy rain.
  • Many of the terrain textures have been changed, just to make the map feel a little different.
  • Natural Rock/Mountain formations that block base to base and some other paths to hitting building. To hit the enemy base with a vehicle you will need to be at least most of the way through the water crossing in the middle of the map.
  • The middle area in the where you cross the water with vehicles that normally isn't accessible, is now accessible as a small infantry only area.
  • The GDI Entrance now has a small barrier to give GDI some small relief at the base entrance. Will provide vehicles/repairers a little cover.
The Unleashed Preset
The Unleashed preset is a set of changes from my Unleashed Mod, whose primary goal is to add more variety to the game. The preset was converted to a temps preset for standalone .mix maps, but remains mostly the same. However, it has been updated quite a lot with a lot of changes since my Unleashed 4.6 Release. There's... really to much to cover every change. I will list some the highlights and big changes though. Additionally, there are some hud screenshots provided at the bottom so you can see most of the new units and their prices.

  • Many new alternate fire modes for both old and new units. So left click for default fire, right click for alternate fire. Ex: Volt Auto Rifle having a 2nd "overcharge" fire that extends range and gives a damage boost at the cost of 3 ammo per shot.
  • Many standard renegade units have been adjusted or buffed slightly to make them more desirable and usable. This may be something as simple as a health/armor buff, an alternate fire mode, or a small damage boost.
  • 23~ New Infantry Units(including alternate variations of some units). Also, some new skin variants of some existing units.
  • 30~ New Vehicle Units. This includes completely new units, variants like the option to get an MRLS with a rotating turret, medium tank/mammoth tank variants, light tank variant, and more.
  • Functioning player harvesters that you can buy, and harvest credits with.
  • An equipment menu with a few options on it.
  • A new "Tiberium Strike" beacon. This functions as a large radius anti-infantry beacon. Has a much larger radius than a nuke or ion but only really kills infantry.
  • Many various improvements such as making use of Mortalc13's better and fixed weapons. So higher quality third person, back, and power-up models for weapons. Additionally, Proximity C4 will no longer 100% sink into the roof and will now stick the bottom out the c4 out a little.
  • ... and more

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BlazeDragoon is currently offline  BlazeDragoon
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On another note if anyone is interested in messing with the preset/map feel free. Includes the .lvl and all of that. Attaching the mess of a mod folder to this post. If you want the .mix check the first post.

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Goztow is currently offline  Goztow
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General (5 Stars)
Thanks for the release!

You can find me in The KOSs2 (TK2) discord while I'm playing. Feel free to come and say hi! TK2 discord
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Great effort there are some nice features like the equipment menu well done.
Nice use of extra characters from the main game.

The main thing I find is that multiple of the extra vehicles lack cohesion.
Cars like the Viper and Ferrari are for me a weird add.
Note they are also too high on their suspension.

I would try to keep NOD and GDI as military organisations.
For example the mobile stealth generator / tank is a good add for NOD it fits.
However a Doomsday tank for GDI?

GDI has more powerfull extra tanks than NOD does.
A similair unit you add, possibly for balance against GDI, the Heavy Arms for NOD.
It can't use a vehicle which makes sence but it just doesn't fit NOD in terms of colour and design.

Also the hacker adds an SBH to GDI it diminishes side differences.
However I do like your spy idea.

I get that you wanted more variety however I think less is more.
And multiple extra units look out of place.

Just my opinion love the work and effort.
So keep modding and playing the game!
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